Hansgrohe All in One Shower Valve


Let us start out with the first thing you will notice, other than the valves Hulk green valve case (we’ll get to this at a second) the 4 full 3/4″ ports. Two (2) inlet ports on the left and right, one (1)) outlet port to the shower and one (1)) to your bathtub spout. This is significant because nearly all valve businesses offer their valves in both 1/2″ and also 3/4″ variant based upon the piping size of your home or the level of water needed for the toilet.

Whatif the water heater is 1/2″? Can I have to purchase more fittings to adapt the valve? Nope, the 3/4″ x 1/2″ bushings are KP-LOK contained from the package.

You’ll notice that in any port there’s just a black rubber seal. This valve itself is protected against leaking all its attachment points infact the entire valve is sealed by the green enclosure. When there’s a flow within the valve or the connection points the valve will flow in to the box and also depart by means of a weep hole on the front of the trim kit.

The next point of interest are the valve’s integral stops. Having integral ceases on a tub/shower valve lets you alter the valve capsule or switch trim without shutting down the water in the entire house, or close an isolation valve at your home or condominium, in case you are lucky enough to have them. Possessing integral stops sounds like a logical feature to get every tub/shower valve? Valves are somewhat cheaper to build without even integral stops. Hansgrohe doesn’t give you a choice anymore and for good reason, they will have made the rough-in valve cheap enough to eliminate the option. You receive them standard if you like it or maybe not.

There are additional benefits that we will list but definitely the greatest feature could be the valves flexibility. It is actually a pressure balanced shower just valve (the plug in to get the bathtub is contained in the container), it is really a pressure balanced tub/shower valve, so it is really a thermostatic valve with volume control for a shower, and a thermostatic valve to get a tub/shower and thermostatic valve with volume controller using a diverter to control two bathtub purposes.

How and the hell can you valve to handle these features? With the cartridge and trim. It’s literally a “plug in and play” valve. You are able to find yourself a trimming that’s simple and affordable or opt for a reasonably complicated trim set with a full lineup of fashions and finishes. In the event that you wanted to install an affordable trim set but wished to upgrade at a subsequent time the installation is fast and easy.

The significance this valve has on the home/condominium market is profound. Picture ASpec housing subdivision or a higher rise condominium complex. There needs to be considered a construction demanding standard. Now the builder or GC may install this rough-in valve using a certain degree of confidence, they can offer a trim set with a mode, finishes and features that can adapt most their prospective customers. Previously the GC and plumbing contractor would have a normal set of pipes cut and rough. On many occasions the client of the house or condo might choose something very different as well as the plumbing contractor could have to tear out exactly what had been installed. This happens on high end residential however this valve carries out those headaches of this equation.

Here are a lot of different features which get this valve really a distinctive item.

The iBox valve may handle water in 6 GPM into 16 GPM. Hence that the requirement to upsize the valve to adapt a couple body sprays isn’t necessary.

Because of the valve configuration along with its own rotational evaluation and flushing plug the water ducts can be tested and flushed without the trimming being installed. (We will clarify this further and add a picture of the valve with no trim cartridge to create this more clear)high pressure valves seller

The valve home contains multiple mounting options. The valve enclosure has leveling points to Make Sure That the demanding is flat in both directions

Based upon the pipes wall thickness that the valve enclosure may cut to accommodate. The very next time you’re on industry to get a shower valve provide you a glance.

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